Vince Laganella President
James Jones V.P. Sales
George Kelly Sec. Treasurer

Fleet Warehouse. Started in 1974. Born out of necessity for an industry starving for a one-stop supply warehouse of trailer extrusions and related repair parts. Having worked for a trailer manufacture and experiencing first hand the problems that the OEM’s had supplying their customers with repair parts, three individuals had the foresights to start a much needed company specializing in after market replacement parts for most U.S. made trailers and U.S. foreign made containers.

Almost instantly it became apparent that if you specialized in one product (extrusions) for most trailers and containers, you could service the industry with much greater efficiency and also reduce customer cost in a very competitive market place.

Now, 30 years later still servicing the industry, Fleet Warehouse is the leading supplier of aluminum trailer replacement extrusions and related repair parts. We focus on four things here at Fleet Warehouse.

AVAILABILITY… Fleet warehouse responds promptly to all your needs of replacement parts for all make and models of trailers and containers directly from its computerized inventory.

SERVICE… Guaranteed next day shipment of the trailer and container parts you need is assured from Fleet’s fully stocked, strategically located warehouses.

ACCURACY… No guesswork. Extensive equipment files and knowledgeable personnel.

PRICE… Fleet Warehouse can provide more competitive pricing of trailer and container parts as a result of large scale quantity purchasing to meet daily demands of our parts depot.